Life ebbs and flows!

Like life with its seasons of activity and rest, our church’s health ministry has enjoyed a quiet year after several busy years. There have been opportunities to focus on food with vegetarian nutrition workshops, kick the habit with the Quit Now! smoking cessation program, and over the last five years CHIP the flagship Complete Health Improvement Program has helped close to 100 graduates move in the direction of their own health goals!

We hare planning on again offering CHIP on the Granite Belt in 2017. Another exciting lifestyle medicine program that we are considering is Dr Neil Nedley’s Depression Recovery Program.

CHIP Changes Lives!

CHIP is an exciting proven lifestyle medicine approach to preventing, arresting and often reversing chronic illnesses such as diabetes and the vascular diseases that cause heart attacks and strokes. Our sister church just up the road in Warwick has recently conducted its first successful program. Thanks to a bucket of federal government funding they were able to offer this in their community fully funded. Exciting!!

Local CHIP facilitator David Entermann describes the program as an educational and highly motivational program that has runs on the board!  

The program provides the sort of intense support that ensures you will meet your goals. Eighteen ninety-minute sessions are included along with professionally produced resources. Pithy video segments presented by experts in the field of disease prevention, nutrition and exercise physiology form the kernel of each session. Facilitated group discussion enables you to share the journey.

Further information can be found online at or by calling David or Lisa Entermann on 4683 7198.

Depression Recovery!

Depression is poorly understood yet highly prevalent in our community. Dr Nedley’s simple program has been run during 2015 in Tenterfield. And we are making plans to bring it here in the coming year.

Want to be free from depression and anxiety? Manage stress? Improve brain functioning? Optimise brain nutrition? Control stress?

For answers visit or

Watch this space!!